Honoring Our Veterans: A Look at the Nevada State Veterans Memorial in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Memorial Foundation (LVMF) established a special memorial in 1914 to honor our veterans. Woodlawn Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in Las Vegas, Nevada, is owned and managed by the City of Las Vegas and has been the final resting place for veterans of all wars since the Civil War.

The Veterans Memorial Circle

was first created on Armistice Day in 1939, and since then more headstones and monuments have been added. The annual events held at the memorial are a way for the community to come together and recognize the impact that iconic places like the Nevada State Veterans Memorial have on the entire nation. Lynn's team, which includes many military veterans, donated their time to install the monument.

The Nevada State Veterans Memorial, Las Vegas (NSVM, LV) is a national tribute that recognizes the service and sacrifice of Americans, particularly Nevada veterans and their families. Funding for this memorial was sourced from various initiatives such as Buying a Brick and Giving Away a Brick, which allows people to sponsor a brick inside the Nevada State Veterans Memorial in honor or memory of a Nevada veteran.The closest veterans memorial cemetery to Boulder City, Nevada is Riverside National Cemetery in Riverside, California, about 245 miles from the Las Vegas Valley. The sculpture symbolizes the makeshift monument that surviving soldiers usually assemble on the battlefield with the boots, rifle and helmet of a fallen comrade. The Department of Veterans Affairs is adding burial space at an unprecedented rate due to an increase in burials of veterans and their dependents.

The Nevada State Veterans Memorial was designed to honor those who fought for America and connects our nation's past with today's public in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Nevada State Veterans Memorial represents generations of Americans, but each person's experience with it is unique. It highlights the incredible opportunities for participation that these monuments provide. With over 300,000 veterans living in Nevada and one of the fastest-growing populations of people aged 65 and older in the western United States, it is important to recognize their service.

The UNLV Veterans Memorial, located at the foot of Flashlight and Artemus W stairs where academic malls meet, is the first of its kind in Las Vegas.

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