Honoring the Service and Sacrifice of Veterans at the Nevada State Veterans Memorial in Las Vegas

The Nevada State Veterans Memorial in Las Vegas (NSVM, LV) is a national tribute that pays homage to the service and sacrifice of American veterans, particularly those from Nevada. Spanning two acres, the monument and park features 18 larger-than-life statues depicting soldiers from the War of Independence to the Global War on Terrorism, as well as civilians. It serves as a reminder of the core values on which this nation was founded and the spirit and heroism of those who have answered and will answer the call of duty. At NSVM, LV, visitors are encouraged to bring freshly cut flowers in approved vases at any time.

However, potted plants, baskets, artificial flowers, souvenirs, and windlasses are not allowed. This is to ensure that the memorial remains a place of reverence and respect for all who visit. The Nevada State Veterans Memorial in Las Vegas is a place of remembrance and reflection for all who visit. It is a reminder of the courage and dedication of those who have served our country and their families. It is also a place to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

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