Honoring Our Heroes: Accessibility for People with Disabilities at the Nevada State Veterans Memorial, Las Vegas

The Nevada State Veterans Memorial, Las Vegas (NSVM, LV) is a national tribute that pays homage to the service and sacrifice of Americans, particularly Nevada veterans and their families. This two-acre monument and park features 18 larger-than-life statues depicting soldiers from the War of Independence to the Global War on Terrorism, as well as civilians. The memorial serves as a reminder that we must always honor the proud principles on which this nation was founded and the spirit and heroism of those who have answered and will answer the call of duty. Located on the grounds of the Grant Sawyer State Building, this monument is a tribute to veterans from the Revolutionary War to the present day. At NSVM, LV, we are dedicated to providing lifelong support to veterans of all generations, their families, and their survivors at no cost.

We collaborate with county directors of Veterans Affairs for the United States with Disabilities and the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide transportation for veterans and authorized caregivers so they can attend scheduled medical appointments. But what about accessibility for individuals with disabilities? The good news is that NSVM, LV is fully accessible for people with disabilities. The entire memorial is wheelchair accessible, with ramps leading up to each statue. There are also designated parking spaces for people with disabilities near the entrance. Additionally, there are audio tours available for those who are visually impaired. At NSVM, LV, we are committed to ensuring that all veterans and their families can access our memorial and honor those who have served our country.

We take pride in providing a safe and accessible environment for everyone. At NSVM, LV, we understand that accessibility is an important part of honoring our heroes. We strive to make sure that all visitors can experience this national tribute regardless of their physical abilities. We are proud to provide a space where everyone can pay their respects to those who have served our country.

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